Strengths of Our Law Firm

Intellectual property

glasses-272403_640A lot of different people have intellectual property-related issues: show business celebrities, copyright holders, inventors and corporations. Amongst them are pharmaceutical, automobile high tech blue chip companies, and others are digital and e-commerce startups. Our law firm is therefore able to adapt to the clients’ budget and to work for major corporations as well as smaller companies or independent artists.

One cannot claim a right over an idea, but reshaping and molding a framework around a creation can transform it into a legal reality. Trademarks, patents, designs are examples of the ways to establish a legal and proprietary foundation for a concept.

In all stages, we develop a strategy for the initial growth of your project and an exit strategy, while we assess the risks and select with you the most appropriate actions to be taken to best defend your interests.

Corporate and Commercial Law

signature-962364_640Company and business law can only be properly dealt with once you are familiar with and fully understand the market in which your business thrives. We use a step-by-step procedure to analyze the situation of your business: what’s your philosophy? what’s your business history? who are the players? who are your competitors? what are your objectives?

Our advisory services will cover the entire legal realm of your company’s development, from its formation (by-laws, shareholders’ agreement) and throughout its growth (commercial contracts, licenses, distribution agreements, equity investment, franchising, mergers and acquisitions). We always carefully tailor our advice based on the size and the objectives of your business.

Our business expertise enables us to assist you in all crucial phases of your growth and to optimize risk management with your shareholders, employees and interested third parties.

For each step of the way, our value-added expertise and advice will improve your situation and your relationship with your investors.

French, American and multicultural experience

flag-397939_640Law is based on legislation, regulations, customs and general principles, which greatly differ from one country to another. What can easily be protected in one jurisdiction may be vulnerable elsewhere.

Cross-border transactions, opening of foreign subsidiaries and international protection of intellectual property rights requires sharp reflexes that go beyond the basic knowledge of the law. Only several years of practice can hone the right state of mind.

We will assist you in establishing a foothold in a foreign jurisdiction, using our French and Anglo-Saxon approach. By providing you with the proper support and adapting our strategy to the specific legal environment, we will give your project an international dimension.

Like Randy Yaloz, with his French, American and Israeli background, all the attorneys of the ELC law firm have a multicultural approach, several years of experience in different countries and regularly work in French, English, German, Hebrew and Spanish.