profile_randy_yalozRandy Yaloz, an American legal expert for your creative works

There is a saying amongst lawyers that goes like this: “the clients make and shape the lawyer”. As a young associate in a major law firm, I realized that intellectual property was the area that interested me most, and in which, I excelled and performed the best and most efficiently. I became an expert in this field, first in the art world, and then in all the other related areas of business.

Over the years, I acquired an acute sense of strategy and business intuition alongside a solid work experience of 20 years. I know perfectly that it is no accident I am here today. My work and expertise result from choices I actively made and assume.

I was born in New York City. I started studying communication and political science at New York University and then at Tel Aviv University. I decided to become a lawyer and carried out my studies at New York Law School and then at the French Panthéon-Assas University. Very quickly I started my own law firm. To be independent and an entrepreneur was a high priority.
This achievement was not attained without great effort and risk. Thus without this high commitment and investment, you cannot become a good lawyer. I have always been combative with unfettered determination at every step of the way and with keen sense of foresight in everything I undertook. Because I have taken both professional and personal risks in my life and know what it costs, I can assume and manage all the risks and pressures that my clients may undergo.

This is the reason why I enjoy true and long-lasting relationships with my clients. Their trust and loyalty is an honor for me and motivates me everyday to protect and defend their interests. I have been very lucky to meet people introducing me to great ideas, innovative concepts and revolutionary artwork. It has been up to me to do with what I know best: define, structure, assemble and defend the legal nuts and bolts of their business.